Increase profit by outsourcing medical billing to us.

We are experts in claim followup, correspondence and denials. We provide fast and accurate patient eligibility breakdown.

What We Do

Insurance Breakdown

We provide a full insurance breakdown in your existing format. This will help to get an accurate patient estimate

Same Day Claim Submission

We submit primary, secondary and pre-auth claims on the same business day. We submit claims for PPO, HMO as well as state run dental insurances such as Denti-cal, MCNA, etc.

Payment Posting and Adjustments

We post EOBs to the patient's ledger on the same day. We do the necessary adjustments as per EOBs. We will provide a report on patient portion collection

Correspondence and Denials Followup

We do follow up on all correspondence and denials in the same week. We send appeals to insurance companies if needed

Reduce 90+ Days Aging to Zero

We follow-up on all the claims in 90+ aging every week. We reduce 90+ aging to zero and keep it there

360 Feedback

We provide feedback so that claims get approved faster. We suggest process simplification to improve productivity

Reporting and Data Analysis

We provide customized reports as per your need